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Commercial Insurance

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When you start a business there are many things you need to have in order. That’s why having insurance gives you the peace of mind and the strength to take care of everything else.

As there is a great variety of business models, we adapt to the needs of the business, in order to take care of each area and guarantee an efficient coverage. From raw materials, infrastructure, personnel and automobiles, this is what is covered by the policies we prepare for you in a particular way according to your type of business.

We like to treat each client in a personalized way, because risks are not the same for everyone, and the same is true for businesses. We know that a pharmacy is different from a bakery, and that’s why we conduct a study to get to know each business in depth and offer the perfect policy for you.

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Workers’ compensation

Workers are an active part of your business, so it is necessary to protect them and keep them safe from any risk while they are performing the tasks of the business. This policy protects the worker with a monetary compensation in case of any injury or illness contracted on the job.

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General Liability

This type of policy covers damages that may occur within the business to a third party, either by machinery and infrastructure or by an employee. The liability policy defends you and your business from any legal claim for injuries or damages done to a third party. You can have peace of mind in the event of any eventuality within your business.

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Commercial Property

Your business must be protected with this type of policy, which covers cases of fire, flood, hurricanes, theft, among others. No matter the unforeseen event, you have the peace of mind that your business is protected. Our agents will advise you so that your policy meets the needs of your business.

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Commercial Auto

If your business has assigned vehicles, it is also necessary that you protect them; since, if something happens to them, it directly affects the business. This policy legally protects your workers from any bodily injury or property damage to a third party caused with the business car.

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