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Trucking Insurance

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When you work in a truck, you need protection and peace of mind on and off the road. We have the policies that protect you, the truck and the cargo you’re carrying.

Being prepared for any eventuality is a must for any professional. And if you are behind the wheel and carrying such a heavy load on your back, only a truck policy gives you peace of mind.

Our advisors are at your disposal to meet your requirements and needs, and offer you the policy that best suits your budget.

Our Insurance Services

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Primary Liability

With this policy you will be protected against any unforeseen event to the driver. From bodily injuries, illnesses or legal claims that have arisen during the working day with the truck. Our agents are here to advise you for your protection and peace of mind.

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General Liability

With your hands on the wheel and your cargo ready, you set out on a journey that can sometimes suffer from unforeseen events. But with the right protection you can rest assured that you, the vehicle, the cargo and even damages to third parties that may be affected are covered and will be taken care of immediately and efficiently.

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Cargo Protection

A truck moves for its cargo so that it goes from one point to another without problems and arrives unharmed, something we all want; but sometimes this is not the case. Although accidents cannot be avoided, you can protect part of your business with this policy. Our advisors will help you get the protection you need.

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Work Accident

Your truck is your job. Keep it safe with the truck policy, which covers every detail you need to carry the loads you need and work with peace of mind.

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