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Flood Insurance

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A natural disaster is totally out of our control. That is why we recommend flood insurance to protect your home or business from flooding, whether it is caused by a natural phenomenon or an accident.

This type of policy is quoted separately, since the homeowner’s policy does not cover floods, so it is essential to have it. Our advisors will help you with the evaluation of the area, whether it is high, moderate or low risk, and thus determine the policy for your home, building or business.

Floods are the most common type of natural disaster in the country, causing loss of life and property. It is highly recommended for your and your family’s peace of mind to protect your assets and investments with a flood insurance policy. Our agents are at your disposal to advise you and obtain the policy.

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Residential Flood Insurance

The best option when you live in a condominium, since each owner will be able to have peace of mind in case of floods. This type of insurance is necessary when you live in an area where the risk for this type of eventuality is moderate or high.

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Commercial Flood insurance

Businesses are investments that we need to protect, and with commercial flood insurance you can rest assured that your business is safe from any disaster.

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After the storm

After the storm comes the calm. It is true that nobody wants a flood, it is difficult; but if you have flood insurance you can rest assured that your assets are safe and calm comes to your life.

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Before a natural disaster

Don’t wait for disaster to strike, we have no control over it. But what we do have control over is to be prepared with good flood insurance. And don’t worry, our advisors will guide you to take out the policy according to your needs and budget.

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