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More than a vehicle, it is part of the family

More than a vehicle, it is part of the family

Life behind the wheel can be dangerous, sometimes due to the recklessness of others. They are also moments of freedom, travel, and unforgettable experiences; we enjoy the road and that feeling of going far, of dreaming.

For most of us, a car is the fruit of a great effort, savings, and the possibility of giving you a better quality of life and, therefore, your family. For others, it has been a reward or inheritance. But, wherever it comes from, it is a great blessing, and we want it to last for a long time.

Beyond being an asset, a car is part of the family that is taken care of, and we want it to last forever so that nothing terrible happens to it. And that can only be achieved with auto insurance that covers all your needs. In addition, it is a law that you have an active policy to be able to drive.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has given the data in recent years of the annual statistics of automobile accidents, which is more than 200,000, equivalent to 650 accidents per day. This is alarming data that calls us to conscience and prudence.

A policy will probably not get you out of this statistic since we all risk having an accident. The important thing is that, during such a difficult moment, you can count on a quick and efficient response and a helping hand to help you get up and out of the shock caused by these crashes.

What does my auto insurance cover?

There are several aspects we need to consider when we drive, either physically directly from the car or visually (that is, all the points to which we must look and blind spots as well), among others. With the insurance policy, it is equally important to know our coverage.

It all starts with having the support and advice of an insurance agent who is trained and listens to your needs to offer you the best policy. Each coverage is personalized since the realities vary with each client, and they must be attended to and covered in full.

Among these coverages is essential protection against theft, accident, road assistance, civil liability, medical expenses for the passengers of the car, and legal assistance, among others. As mentioned above, the accompaniment of an advisor is vital.

I am protected in case of a crash

Having an auto insurance policy is to feel armored. The protection provided by an insurance policy gives you the peace of mind to drive freely. However, that perception of armor does not make you immune to unforeseen events.

Prudence should be your copilot and the policy your helping hand; at all times, they will be your allies for a truly peaceful trip.

In addition to the civil liability that responds to any damage caused to the vehicle or a third party, you can protect yourself against a legal claim and provide primary care in case of an injury.

What should I take into account before contracting an auto insurance policy?

With the support of an insurance agent, you can answer all your questions before purchasing your insurance policy. Such as, for example, the type of coverage, the time, and the premiums to be paid, among others. Doubts could be highly relevant to assign the policy that covers all your needs and does not exceed your budget.

If the budget plays an important role when contracting an insurance policy, having an established amount and informing your agent will give a starting point for a good acquisition.

Total loss

It should be clear that cars need maintenance, and you should know that this service is not a task of the insurance policy. When we refer to the care of your vehicle, it is necessary to read the small letters, those considerations that many of us overlook but which are very important. Your agent should inform you of these; it is part of the excellent relationship between advisor and client.

On the other hand, when we face a severe collision, where the vehicle suffered irreparable damage, which we know as a total loss, the insurance will pay, according to what is established in the contract, the amount that this clause provides. This relieves the person since, despite the actual loss, it opens the possibility of acquiring another vehicle.

The peace of mind that a vehicle provides us to transport us from one place to another in a safe and fast way is something we have to value and be able to give it the relevance it has for our personal, family, and even work life.

If you still need an active auto insurance policy, contact your trusted insurance agent and purchase your policy, taking into account your needs, budget, and peace of mind.


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