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Protect your investment

Protect your investment

The effort of a long time, the dream of your life, a family inheritance… a business carries an emotional and financial burden, a significant investment of resources, time, and money that we urgently need to protect.

Insuring a business is independent of its size; it can be small and just starting up, or it can be a large company with thousands of employees and years of experience. The important thing is to protect the business to provide security to the infrastructure, employees, customers, and products or services.

We understand that every business owner puts his daily effort into moving his business forward, taking risks to provide a better service, employing people, and creating new experiences to carry out his work successfully. We know that protection is urgent and that you need the best business insurance policy.

Our agents help you obtain the best commercial policy with the coverage you need for your type of business; for example, a textile company runs different risks and has different needs than a restaurant. That is why we advise and accompany you throughout the process of reviewing and contracting the policy.

Insurance for your commercial vehicle

The vehicle is also part of your company, it is an important asset, and you must protect it. This type of policy is ideal when your services are provided through some transportation; in this way, you protect the vehicle and the person who drives it, in addition to those injuries that may be caused to third parties while driving the company’s vehicle.

Those who drive the cars also deserve to be protected, and for this reason, there is a workers’ compensation, which covers injuries that an unforeseen event may cause during the working day. This coverage is for direct medical expenses and legal assistance if required. Your employees can feel safe while performing their duties inside the company vehicle.

My property is safe

A safe business is synonymous with prosperity. With a commercial policy, you will be able to take care of things exclusive to your business with freedom, without the worry that any accident could happen and that this could lead to a leakage of money that you did not foresee.

This policy covers material losses or damages caused by fire or lightning and natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

Cyber risks

In this world where all the information is stored on the network, all that data of importance to the business must be protected. For this, cyber liability coverage offers greater security for your data, computers, servers, and everything that covers the use of technology in your business.

Security from the inside

Taking care of your business from the inside is also very important. As unfortunate as it may seem, employee theft, forgery, or fraud can occur, and you can be prepared for that with our crime coverage.

Coverage for every type of business

Insurance policies are customized. It is necessary to know every business detail, such as type, number of employees, branches, and sales channels. To provide adequate coverage to the business.

In a restaurant, for example, its coverage goes from the infrastructure and equipment to be very careful with fires and accidents in the kitchen; then, its employees must be insured, where medical expenses are included in the policy, among other things, in addition to civil liability, damages to third parties and legal assistance, in this case, customers and non-customers, are covered.

Many unforeseen events can occur in a commercial establishment, so our agents are trained to advise you effectively in choosing the best policy for your business.

This type of insurance is inclusive and offers a variety of coverages to better adapt to the business, knowing every need and particularity required.

An insured business is protecting your money

Your business is your income source; obviously, you don’t want any leakage. So, while you minimize the risks and protect yourself from what you have no control over, you will have a better chance of not having any leaks. An expense for any unforeseen event is a large amount of money you don’t want to lose.

If you don’t want your money to be lost in an accident, insure yourself today

You are an expert in your business, and we are an expert in protecting you. The agents that make up the team are committed and highly trained professionals to advise and guide you to your best option for a successful business. Only open your doors if you have your commercial insurance policy.


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