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Take care of your properties from tenants

Take care of your properties from tenants

You may have a property you have taken care of for a long time, invested in it, managed to revalue, and planned to rent it out to take advantage of it. Tenants come quickly, as your property is beautiful and located in a good area. But you start to worry that they won’t steal anything, won’t damage the furniture or the infrastructure and that problems start to arise. The easy way is not to rent it; that way, you get rid of that worry. But the house has potential, and the money you get from renting it is helpful for the business you are setting up. The good news is that you have another easy solution: have property insurance to cover your tenants. What does that look like? You take care of your property with broad coverage against fire, theft, and property damage, among others, and coverage for tenants, which also covers theft, damage to third parties, property damage, and others. You will be able to clarify this with our insurance agents. We are sure that with this, you will feel more at ease, and the worry will be reduced so that you can carry out your business for a more extended period and with more excellent protection. What does this insurance cover? This coverage is also for you if you are a tenant, not only for the one who rents (owner). Below, we list some of the coverages of this policy:

  • Appliances, furniture, and clothing, among others.

  • Protects against theft

  • If you have pets, it covers veterinarian bills in case your dog bites another dog.

  • Legal expenses for lawsuits in the home.

  • Among others.

What if my property is not worth that much? We have often come across clients asking us this question: why will I insure the property if it does not have such a high value? And it is a mistake to think this way. Your property has a value; no matter if it is high or low, its value has a lot of relevance and deserves to be protected. No matter how small your belongings are, such as your clothes or furniture, they will add up to a lot of money if, at some point, you have to replace them because you suffered a theft. With your renter’s insurance, you can rest assured that your belongings are protected. The coverages we offer We have a wide selection of coverages covering every aspect of your life and the goods you acquire to feel fully protected. These are some of them:

  • Health insurance

  • Auto insurance

  • Property insurance

  • Business insurance

  • Flood insurance

  • Liability insurance

  • Truck insurance

  • Among others

All are prepared to give you the best coverage and, therefore, the most incredible peace of mind. In addition, we have a group of agents trained and committed first to you and with the responsibility to offer you a quality service. These agents are at your disposal to clarify doubts about our policies, payments, contracts, and coverages—everything you need to make your life easier and more peaceful. You do not control the risks, but how you face them is your responsibility, and having insurance for these unforeseen events is the smart way to lead your life and face the risks with the best attitude. Bring to your life the peace and tranquility you deserve, and start living it to the fullest, with the security of having someone to protect you.


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