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What you need to know about flood insurance

What you need to know about flood insurance

Within all the insurance options, the flood policy is one of the coverages offered separately, providing excellent protection against this very unpleasant situation.

Flooding is the most common type of natural disaster in the country. We know it as the overflow of water in those places that generally remain dry. The reasons may be several, but mainly it is caused by the large amount of rain that falls in a short period or by hurricanes or cyclones.

Like any natural disaster, no one expects it to occur. However, it is regular that it is more likely to suffer at certain times due to the weather phenomena.

To be a victim of this natural disaster, you do not necessarily have to live within the risk zone to suffer the consequences of overflowing water; almost 25% of the losses occur in areas of lower risk. This is why we insist so much on protection against this phenomenon.

Protect yourself against water

This type of policy is thanks to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Most homeowners’ or business insurance policies do not cover floods, and we know that the risk of losing property and human lives is significant.

However, it is essential to determine if this program covers your community. Likewise, our agents will give you all the necessary information and advise you on your best options to protect your home or business.

Benefits of flood insurance

This type of policy gives you the security of protecting your home and business with quality coverage, where you can be calm in a difficult situation such as a flood, in which water can destroy everything in its path without warning. That is why it is so important to be prepared.

Our agents will provide the necessary guidance to ensure coverage is within your requirements and budget. All our policies are personalized since the conditions of each person are particular, and the risks are not the same in all areas or infrastructures; that is why an inspection is recommended before contracting an insurance policy.

No flood can stop us

Natural disasters may destroy material things, but what can never be flooded is our desire to provide a good service, to offer peace of mind and a better quality of life to all our clients; with broad coverage, affordable prices, and a fully trained staff to advise you and offer you the best options for you.

We know that peace of mind begins at home and that if you have peace of mind, your family will also have peace of mind and will be able to carry out their daily activities without external worries.

Whether you live in a high or low-flood-risk area, we recommend you inquire about all the benefits and coverages needed. You can do so today with any of our agents.


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